Best Folding Lock Reviews In 2021: Our Comparisons & Buyer’s Guide

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In order to bring you the best folding lock for your newly bought bike [ or the old one ], we have decided to run a complete analysis, testing, reading, collect information as much as we can. & here is the result.

We have complied 2 most popular folding locks available in the market today & how they perform in terms of durability, strength & other factors.

At the end, you will be able to see which one is our favorite & why we, here at mybikexl, using it from the past 2 months..

Enjoy reading 🙂

As you know, Theft is pretty common all around the world. You cannot leave your bike out in the open and expect it to be there when you are back. While some countries like Japan might be known for little to no crime, things are sadly not the same in the US where bikes are a hot target for thieves, which is why bike locks are sold like hot cakes.In fact, according to the FBI, bike theft is on a rise these days, which is shocking because property theft in general has decreased in recent years. About 1.5 million bikes are stolen every year, and a major reason is unattended or unlocked bikes that become an easy target for thieves.

​This is why most bike riders use locks that can provide an extra layer of security. People have used traditional u-locks and chains for years, but the tradition is now changing due to the introduction of folding locks that are a notch above traditional locks due to their benefits.

They are easier to carry and handle than u-locks and are also good in quality. This is why they are considered a better substitute by many.

In this article we are going to talk about folding locks and their uses in addition to finding the best folding lock out there. This is important due to the huge choice with a number of companies making folding locks that come with different features. We have concentrated on Abus, which is considered a pioneer in the industry due to its high quality products.Without much ado, let’s move ahead:

In order to find the perfect option, we are going to review two of the most amazing folding locks on the market. Let’s move ahead with the review:

​Top Rated Folding Lock ​: Reviews & Comparison

Comparison Chart

31k4EDSisWL. SL500
Abus Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500/85cm (33.46 in) black – Folding lock, Bike lock, Security level 15
319R5FmV3kL. SL500
Abus Bordo 5700 Folding Lock, Black, 80cm Length/5mm Plates

​Abus Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500

31k4EDSisWL. SL500

​This is the highest rated ​foldable bicycle lock out there with a rating of 15/15 from Abus. This means that there is no other folding lock out there that provides as high level of security as this one, if Abus ratings are to be believed, and they are quite reliable considering the company has rated a lot of its products pretty low as well.

Sold Secure also gave it a Gold Rating, which shows it is indeed of high quality, but you will also find some reviewers rating it poorly. A major highlight is the ⅖ rating from ART, which is not as bad as it sounds since ART is known to be stringent, but can also put a lot of buyers in a dilemma given the difference.

I would also recommend you to read this in depth ​bordo 6000 & 6500 comparison.

Let’s get to know more about this lock by looking at its features, pros and cons.

​Features :​​​​​

  • ​Highest level of security for folding locks
  • ​Material: Iron
  • ​Lock Type: Folding Lock
  • ​Length: 33.5”
  • ​Claimed Weight: 3.48 lbs
  • ​Recommended Use: Specifically designed for high risk areas, it can be used everywhere as it provides high security

Now that it has been established that this is the most secure folding lock on the market, let’s talk about what makes it so.

51D6t0Fwq9L. SL500

Panel Thickness: The panel is 5’5 mm thick which provides a high level of security to the bike. This is not too thick when compared to a regular 6500 model, but it is 7mm wider, which helps make it the most secure folding lock out there.

In addition to this, the pin that keep the hold together are also bigger to provide an extra layer of security.

Weight: The lock is very easy to carry as it is only 3.48 lbs in weight. This is heavier than most folding locks out there, but is still a lot lighter than u-locks.

It is quite understandable why it is heavy. The thicker or more secure a lock is, the heavier it would be. However, it is quite compact and hence can be carried without any trouble.

Length: The lock offers a length of 33.5”, which is quite good considering the lock is also flexible. However, do not be fooled into thinking that the length can be extended as it is one of the few locks from the company that are not extendable, unlike the other version of Bordo 6500.

​Bag: The lock comes with the regular rubber bag from the company that can be connected to the bike without any trouble to make it easy to carry the lock.

​Warranty: The lock comes with 2 year of warranty, but you might be able to avail it only if you purchase the lock from a reliable and trusted seller.

What’s to like about the it

The lock offers high security, and is also very easy to carry. Moreover, it is quite flexible which makes it suitable for different positions.

What’s not to like about​ it

The lock is quite expensive, especially when compared to traditional locks. Moreover, it cannot be extended in length, which is a big drawback. Also, it might be a little difficult to use in the beginning.


  • ​Highest level of security for folding locks
  • ​A number of locking options
  • ​Very portable


  • ​Not extendable
  • ​Expensive when compared to other products.
  • ​Can be difficult to use, especially in the beginning

​Abus Bordo 5700 Folding Lock

319R5FmV3kL. SL500

​Bordo 5700 is another great folding lock from Abus, but it is quite different from Bordo 6500 Plus. Despite it offering lower level of security, it has several benefits over Bordo 6500 Plus.Made in Germany, it is a sturdy model that is known for its durability. However, it is not suitable for high risk areas as the company has rated it only 7/15, which makes it suitable for areas where the risk is not very high.Let’s get to know more about this lock by looking at its features and pros and cons.

​Features :​​​​​

  • ​It is a very affordable lock
  • ​Material: Iron
  • ​Lock Type: Folding Lock
  • ​Length: 31”
  • ​Claimed Weight: 1.84 lbs
  • ​Recommended Use: Specifically designed for mid level risk areas, it can be used in lower risks areas as well, but definitely not where bike theft is very common.

Now that it has been established that Bordo 5700 is a lock with mild security, let’s get to know more about its features and pros and cons:

Panel Thickness: The panel is 5 mm thick. When you look at it, there isn’t any major difference in this regard between this and Bordo 6500 Plus, however a difference of 0.5 mm can make it a lot more difficult to cut locks, which is why the former is a lot more secure than this one.

Weight: The lock is very easy to carry as it is only 1.84 lbs in weight, which is half when compared to the Bordo 6500 Plus.

Just like the former, this one is also very compact in size and hence is quite easy to carry.

​Length: The lock offers a length of 31”, which is a little less than the Border 6500 Plus. However, you can increase the length by joining two Bordo 5700 locks. This is a unique option that is not available in case of Bordo 6500 Plus.

Bag: The lock comes with the similar rubber mouth that the Bordo 6500 Plus comes with. This makes it easy to carry the lock as it is compact and can be connected to the steel frame with the help of screws or straps it comes with.

Warranty: Just like most locks from the company, this one also comes with 2 years of warranty. But again, make sure to buy it from reliable and authorized sellers to be able to avail the warranty.

What’s to like about it

The biggest benefit of this lock is its low price and ease of use. In addition to this, it is painted to make sure no damage is sustained by your vehicle. Lastly, it has a color matching lock body, which makes it not only easy to identify your bike or lock but can also enhance the appearance.

What’s not to like about​ it

Its only drawback is the level of security as it is not suitable for high risk areas.


  • ​Quiet affordable
  • ​A number of locking options as it can be extended
  • ​Very portable


  • ​Does not offer very high security
  • ​Can be difficult to use, especially in the beginning

What is a Folding Lock?

​Folding locks are basically the locks of tomorrow as they offer a number of benefits over traditional u-locks and have literally taken the industry by storm. We have used u-locks for a while, and a change was needed which is finally brought out by these locks.They do the same job as chains and u-locks, but are much more easier to use. They are made from different metals and use rivets to allow metal plates to rotate. This allows the lock to be used in different settings, which is another benefit of folding locks.They can be used in places where u-locks cannot be used. Plus, they are typically also a lot harder to maneuver for thieves, which provides them with an extra layer of security.

In addition to this, folding locks are quite light in weight and compact as well, which makes it easy to carry ‘em around.

​Why Use a Folding Lock

While traditional u-locks offer better security than folding locks, they come with their own drawbacks. This is why folding locks are becoming more and more common as they can be used in places where u-locks cannot be used.

Moreover, folding locks are very easy to carry as they are compact and light in weight. You can easily place them in a bag and connect it to your bike to carry ‘em around. They do not rattle and cause any noise, which is a major problem with carrying u-locks.

Moreover, they come with different levels of security and you can pick one according to your own requirements.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Folding Locks


  • ​Very easy to handle as they are light in weight.
  • Can be used in places where u-locks cannot be used.
  • ​Come in different security levels.


  • t​Not as secure as u-locks and chains.
  • ​Might be difficult to use for the first time.
  • Can be more expensive than u-locks

How Secure Is a Folding Lock

​There is no one word answer to it because each lock is different from the other. While one can safely conclude that folding locks are not as secure as u-locks, however it must be added that some high level locks do offer the same level of security, if not more.For example, the lock we first reviewed today, the Abus Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500, is said to be the most secure folding lock out there. Many reviews have shown how it is as secure as any u-lock, so it can be said that folding locks can be quite secure given that you pick the right one.


Folding locks are here to stay. While the government is trying to make it safer for us to leave our bikes outside, it will be a while before we reach that level of security. For now, your best bets are folding locks, which seem to have overtaken the world with more and more people now ditching traditional u-locks and chains and opting for folding locks.

We have reviewed two of the best folding locks on the market, each made for different settings. You should pick one according to your own requirements and budget.

If you live in an area where theft is common the you should definitely go for Abus Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500, which is the most secure locks from Abus and one of the most secure folding locks over all. However, for areas with mild security concerns, there is Abus Bordo 5700 and other such options.

​There you have it. Our best folding lock reviews & guide. I hope it’s been helpful. If you have anything to ask, Please don’t ​hesitate to contact us.

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